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  1. How much are the rooms?
  2. Could I have my wedding at Magnolia Manor?
  3. What about children?
  4. What about my pet?
  5. Is Magnolia Manor Haunted?
  6. What other attraction are close by?

How much are the rooms?

Magnolia Manor offers some of the most luxurious rooms you'll find anywhere at very reasonable rates. The C.A. Miller Suite is $115.00 per night. The Judge Austin Miller Suite is $125.00 per night. The 1849 room and Annie's room are just $100 per night. The Cottage is $125.00 per night. There are discounts available for extended stays. We offer special Honeymoon Packages starting at just $150.00 including Champaign served in your room and fresh flowers. We can also arrange Dinner packages at your request. You may rent the entire house for just $600.00 a day! Yes, that also includes breakfast. We also offer telephone, fax machine and satellite television. We want you to enjoy your stay so if you have special requirements, please ask us about them and we'll do everything we can to make sure you have everything you need to have a restful, enjoyable visit. For our celebrity guests, we guarantee your privacy. All rooms are maximum TWO guests per night please.
(All prices plus tax.)

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Could I have my wedding at Magnolia Manor?

Absolutely! Weddings, tours, luncheons even family reunions! Magnolia Manor is the perfect place for your perfect wedding! With a large backyard surrounded by a six-foot privacy fence and huge hand built gazebo, lovely shaded lawn, all painstakingly manicured and maintained, we can help you put together a story book wedding! Magnolia Manor already has quite a substantial list of happy couples from all over West Tennessee! Elaine Cox can help you with flower arrangements, catering, even sound and lights! Contact us for prices and available dates today! Click here to go to the contact us page!

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What about children?

Magnolia Manor is basically a museum that you can actually spend the night in. Small children usually find their stay filled with "Don't touch that!", "Don't run!" or "Put that down!" remarks from Mom and Dad. Not much fun for them or Mom and Dad! We are very concerned for your child's safety! The staircase is very high and dangerous and tempting to young ones to climb "unencumbered" by an adult. We recommend you leave the children with the babysitter so you can relax and enjoy your stay. Infants and young adults are welcome. Newborn children and that age16 and up will be fine for overnight visits. During day tours or luncheons we allow all ages in to visit if accompanied by parent.

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What about my pet?

Sorry. No pets allowed. Magnolia Manor already has a "man of the house" by the name of Rhett Butler. This little Yorkie is ruler of the entire manor. So to prevent a scuffle, or "marking or territory" please leave your pet at home, or make kennel arrangements. Seeing Eye dogs and handicap assistance animals are welcome and we will make special arrangements to make sure those animals are very comfortable as well.

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Is Magnolia Manor Haunted?

That depends on who you ask! Inn Keeper Elaine Cox has seen and heard things that cannot be explained away easily! Other family members tell stories of "doors closing" and/or "footsteps" when no one else is in the house and other odd occurrences. We've had several guests ask us that question after "noises" kept them up all night. We apologize if you were one of them! The Tennessee Ghost Hunters and The Memphis-Mid South Ghost Hunters  (Formerly The Ghost Stalkers of West Tennessee) have done investigations and both groups gathered photographic evidence as well as audio recordings at Magnolia Manor! Magnolia Manor is even listed in the "Haunted Inns of the Southeast" book. Although most often our guests never see or hear anything unusual, we leave it up to YOU to decide if there are ghosts at Magnolia Manor. You're more than welcome to come investigate. However we do NOT allow séances or the use of  Ouija boards in the house. If Magnolia Manor is haunted, we certainly don't want to make the ghost(s) angry or invite any others into the house!

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What other attractions are close by?

There are many! Chickasaw State Park is about 20 minutes away! Shiloh National Battle Field is only 45 miles from Magnolia Manor. Pickwick Dam and State Park is about 60 miles away. The National Bird Dog Museum is only 25 miles from us. Memphis is just an hour away! Jackson Tennessee and The Casey Jones Village Home and Museum just 35 minutes. There's a lot to see a do all within a very short drive from Magnolia Manor Bed & Breakfast. Of course Bolivar, Tennessee has some of the finest homes in the country that are open for tours. Plus shopping and there's even a 1950's movie theatre within walking distance featuring the latest releases. There is so much to see and do in the area! We're happy to help you locate these and many other attractions during your stay.

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FAQ written by Gregg Rivers.
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