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We would like to tell the people of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and all the victims of Hurricane Katrina that "You are NOT forgotten." Although we suffered the loss of this beautiful little house, we are all ok and thankful to be here on God's good earth. Our deepest sympathies to those that lost family members in this horrific storm. Our thoughts, prayers and best wishes go out to everyone.

We have yet to decide if we will rebuild. However I think our roots are so deeply planted in this sandy little lot of land that we probably will. In the mean time, to all our friends that we made while living here in this little house that remain on the Gulf Coast, we wish to offer a hand in helping you rebuild the neighborhood any way we can. We have already helped in gathering supplies in an effort to bring some comfort to our friends in Mississippi. We will continue to assist in what ever capacity we are called upon to do.

Having been there and seen the devastation first hand, I would like to also take time to acknowledge the Harrison County Sheriff Department and the other emergency response officials for the tireless work in assisting people in their time of need. Often they themselves suffering the loss of property or worse! God bless you all and thank you for all you do and have done.

The memory

What was left

 You can use the tree and driveway for reference. The damage was that severe 5 more house back.

Give us a little time to clean up this mess and pick up the pieces. But please come back and visit us here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. You need the rest and relaxation. We need the money!

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