Is Magnolia Manor Haunted? That certainly has been the subject of much debate. In the past we have been the focus of several investigations by many professional and amateur paranormal groups. The Tennessee Ghost Hunters from Nashville have been here twice! The Memphis-Mid South Ghost Hunters (Formerly The Ghost Stalkers of West Tennessee) embarked on their fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh investigations during October 2005 tours! Both conclude that Magnolia Manor has more than a few ghosts! The Tennessee Ghost Hunters presented us with a 3 Star Certificate which we proudly display. The Memphis-Mid South Ghost Hunters have also awarded Magnolia Manor their "Certified Haunted" certificate stating that it is indeed a haven for spirits and paranormal activity.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, Magnolia Manor is an absolute must see to believe home. We find the best way to handle the ghost stories is just invite you in to decide for yourself. Yes we have stories to tell. Things sometimes do go bump in the night! Sometimes they go bump in broad daylight! Oh and these unexplained occurrences aren't just limited to noises! We have pictures and eye witnesses too.

Scared yet? You shouldn't be. We honestly don't believe there's anything here that would harm you. However, you may see or hear something that could cause you to hurt yourself! Just be careful to walk out  of the house, not run! The stairs can be dangerous if you're in too big of a hurry to leave!


So far, we've had guests report noises in the middle of the night. One guest actually saw an apparition at his bed room door and she walked over to where he lay and tugged on his shirt sleeve and then disappeared! He left the room and wouldn't even go back in to get his bags! I guess all that "I don't believe in ghosts" talk before he retired for the evening gave a spirit enough motivation to teach him otherwise!

Elaine has seen and heard things in this beautiful old house that can't be easily explained away. Lights turning on and off by themselves. Doors opening and closing with no one around them. Footsteps of some "heavy person" walking around in an upstairs room with no one upstairs! Even an apparition in the den that floated across the room only to vanish without a trace. There's more! How about an ever growing collection of EVPs! Yes ghosts can be heard responding to questions on audio tape.

To this day we're not sure of the identity of the spirits, but we suspect it's some of the Miller family keeping a careful watch over the old family home. Three generations lived......and died in this house.

Our latest report comes from a guest staying in the C.A. Miller suite. She was here on business with the City of Bolivar. Awakened by the presence of someone else in her room at 3am, our guest says she heard someone humming (a tune we guess) and looked across the room to see a woman seated in the rocking chair! She didn't mention the apparition to us the next morning. But she did tell her boss in Nashville about it! He called the city officials and the city asked Elaine about it! The Memphis-Mid South Ghost Hunters have yet another spirit to investigate!


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