Haunted Magnolia Manor Bolivar Tennessee


Haunted Magnolia Manor Bolivar Tennessee

Is Magnolia Manor Haunted? That certainly has been the subject of much debate. Over the past 25 plus years, this house has been the focus of numerous investigations by many professional and amateur paranormal groups. The Tennessee Ghost Hunters from Nashville were the first and The Memphis-Mid South Ghost Hunters (Formerly The Ghost Stalkers of West Tennessee). Both conclude that Magnolia Manor has more than a few ghosts! The Tennessee Ghost Hunters presented us with a 3 Star Certificate which we proudly display. The Memphis-Mid South Ghost Hunters have also awarded Magnolia Manor their "Certified Haunted" certificate stating that it is indeed a haven for spirits and paranormal activity.

Paranormal Inc. have included this beautiful home in their film GHOSTS of WAR.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, Magnolia Manor is an absolute must see to believe home. We find the best way to handle the "ghost question" is just invite you in to decide for yourself. Yes we have stories to tell. Things sometimes do go bump in the night! Sometimes they go bump in broad daylight! Oh and these unexplained occurrences aren't just limited to noises! We have pictures, audio recordings and numerous eye witnesses too.

Are you frightened? You shouldn't be! We honestly don't believe there's anything here that would harm you. However, you may see or hear something that could cause you to hurt yourself! Just be careful to walk out  of the house, not run! The stairs can be dangerous if you're in too big of a hurry to leave! In our 20 plus years of operating as a bed & breakfast, only two couples left in the middle of the night!


It's been nearly 30 years since Elaine, her family and guests of this beautiful old southern mansion first reported strange occurrences here. Events from hearing footsteps down empty halls, bed sheets being tugged on by unseen hands in the night, doors opening and closing by themselves, antique dolls moving or changing position, full body or partial apparitions, photographs and videos with inexplicable anomalies, Electronic Voice Phenomena or "E.V.P.s" and personal experiences to numerous to recount.

Magnolia Manor Bed & Breakfast offers these words of encouragement to those that do not wish to experience these events! What ever it is that causes the paranormal events hasn't harmed anyone, guests or family members since Elaine purchased the house in 1981. Also, these events do NOT occur every day or with any certainty. In fact there may be periods of a month or more during which no one sees or hears anything unusual in the house. So chances are if you come stay at the manor, you won't experience anything out of the ordinary. Just a restful stay in a fine southern home with some of the most beautiful antiques furnishings you've ever seen. In the morning, you'll enjoy a lovely breakfast prepared by Elaine herself.

However we do feel obligated to tell you that you may indeed experience something unusual. We can not offer any guarantee one way or the other.      

Haunted Magnolia Manor Bolivar Tennessee

Haunted Magnolia Manor Bolivar Tennessee

Magnolia Manor Bed & Breakfast is proud to offer annual Ghost Tours in October.
Please follow the link below for dates, times and ticket information.

Haunted Magnolia Manor Bolivar Tennessee Ghost Tours

The links below are to video posted by paranormal groups and individuals that have stayed at or investigated Magnolia Manor Bed & Breakfast.

River Valley Paranormal investigated Magnolia Manor in 2009

Another investigation by local group provides more compelling evidence at Magnolia Manor in 2011

EVP Captured on Video in 2007

EVP Captured on Video in 2008 by Memphis Mid-South Ghost Hunters

Video 2 guests recorded while seated on the front porch of Magnolia Manor Bed & Breakfast in 2009

G*H*O*S*T presented this video after their first investigation of Magnolia Manor

Rich Newman of Paranormal Inc. talks about his teams investigations of Magnolia Manor

Magnolia Manor Bolivar was featured on the show Tennessee Crossroads

Check these links to see what other professional & amateur paranormal groups have posted on their websites about Magnolia Manor Bed & Breakfast.



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